Iterating across years to optimize agricultural systems

Sustainable Food and Farming Systems

Offering scientific, technological, and project management services

  • Supply chain analysis and organic sourcing
  • Row-crop greenhouse gas accounting and mitigation
  • Cover-cropping, soil conservation, and ecological integration
  • Enterprise crop budgets and tools
  • Economic and market analysis

Experimental Design and Agronomy

Applied science to achieve results

  • On-farm experimentation, experimental design, and analysis
  • Environmental modeling and analysis of geospatial data
  • Web application development
Convergence of parameters to predict yields

Analytics & Modeling

Harness data to make sound decisions and minimize uncertainty

  • Professional GIS Services
  • Cutting-edge spatial, time-Series, and hierarchical statistical analysis
  • Data Pipeline Automation
  • Precision Agriculture and Environmental Modeling

Systems, Systems Thinking & Leadership

"Sustainable agriculture" can be confusing and misleading. Let us guide you through the maze.

  • Sustainable, Organic, Regenerative, Non-GMO: We can help you navigate the label soup and get certified when it makes good business sense
  • Future-visioning: Finding the leverage points to changing the face of agriculture
  • Leadership: We know the key players and can help guide your strategic decisions

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