Patrick Lawrence, PhD, Principal

Patrick Lawrence has a diversity of experience in agricultural, ecological, and business systems. He has authored multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications and is equally at home in the field and in front of a computer.

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Patrick's experience includes climate change resilience research, GIS development, sociological interviews, serving as the Director of Operations of an organic seed company, and creating big-data geospatial analysis pipelines. His technical toolkit includes:

- Python, R, FORTRAN, javascript
- Postgresql, SQL Server
- Django and numerous visualization software packages.

Patrick holds a PhD from Montana State University in Ecology and Environmental Science (focused on Agriculture).

Patrick is based out of Bozeman, MT, where he lives with his wife and 5-year-old daughter.


Repliculture works with farms as small as one acre and businesses as large as multinational corporations. Our mission is to move the needle on agricultural sustainability, whatever the scale and nature of your business.

Current clients include:

  • Sustainable Food Lab
  • Washington State University
  • University of Connecticut

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